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Occupational Accidental insurance is a win-win-win. Save up to 80% in workers’ comp expense for your 1099s by switching to OAI

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Offset the cost of your workers’ comp expense by switching to occupational accident insurance (OAI)

Your clients trust you to understand the ever-changing landscape of commercial insurance. GigEasy is here to enhance your portfolio, offering innovative solutions tailored for the unique needs of contractors and the 1099 workforce.

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Help your clients reduce their costs and get peace of mind knowing their contractors are covered in the right way

Partner with the leading expert in contractor insurance solutions and be among the first agents able to offer this expertise to your clients

Offset your clients’ workers’ comp expense by having it deducted it directly from your contractors’ payouts

Help your clients stop overcovering and overspending on their contractors’ workers comp policies. Save your clients money, time and headaches, and stay compliant, by switching to occupational accident insurance.

Smart solutions for a dynamic workforce: GigEasy leads the way.

Occupational Accident Insurance, sometimes known as 1099’s Workers Comp, is specifically designed for contractors. Instead of making the company’s pay for the cost of coverage, we allow business to offset the cost by deducting directly out of the contractor's payout.

And our fractional coverage means that you pay-as-you-go. Apply Occupational Accidental insurance by the hour, by the day, or by the gig - whatever works best for your business.

Worker's Comp

Occupational Accident Insurance

Can save companies thousands of dollars in premiums
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Pay-as-you-go insurance coverage by the hour, by the day or by the gig
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Deducted directly from contractor's payout
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Specially designed accident insurance coverage for non-employee contractors
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Helps companies avoid misclassification of contractors
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Compliant with state laws for accident coverage
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Is this compliant with state regulations?

Absolutely. Our Occupational Accident Insurance is designed to comply with state regulations, ensuring peace of mind for you and your clients.

Is this going to make my clients misclassify their contractors?

No. GigEasy's solutions are designed to help your clients stay compliant with classification regulations while optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Can I track working hours?

Yes, our portal is designed to give you and your clients real time visibility into working hours to avoid costly end of year audits. And you can easily export as a monthly report.

Can you really save my clients 80% in WC expenses?

Yes. GigEasy's innovative approach allows for significant savings, ensuring your clients get the coverage they need at a fraction of the cost.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. GigEasy provides transparent and efficient solutions, making the switch to Occupational Accident Insurance seamless and beneficial for all parties involved.

A win-win-win solution

Elevate your clients' protection and your bottom line. Partner with GigEasy today to revolutionize your approach to accident insurance for contractors.

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